Procedures Center Patient Packet

Ob/Gyn Patient Packet


  • Met with committee of physicians, nurses and practice managers to understand their needs and goals and established that a streamlined and organized way to communicate with Fast Track Colonoscopy patients was needed. These patients had minimal time with a doctor, as they are typically low-risk patients that need routine screenings.
  • Created concept of stepped inserts that included all necessary communications in an organized, simple design.
  • Worked with client to edit, consolidate and use plain language on all inserts.
  • Designed inserts and folder to follow brand standards. Worked with printers to ensure a high-quality finished product.
  • The folder can also be used for other procedures done at the Procedure Center, and the concept can be applied to other services.


  • The final product met the goals of the committee and was easily incorporated into the timeline of Fast Track appointment scheduling and communications.
  • Concept has now been adopted for new Women’s Center Obstetrics patients.